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Welcome to the Cal Vets Ridge Runners Square Dance Club

Dancing Thursdays at the Veterans Hall 6550 Skyway, Paradise, CA (530) 872-1962

Are You a Square Dancer or a Round Dancer Looking for a Club?

If you are a square dancer or round dancer in the Paradise, Magalia, Chico, or Oroville area and are looking for a club, consider giving us a try. We are a plus level club dancing on Thursday nights. Plus level dancing is 8:00 PM until 10:00

PM with two rounds between tips.

Learn to Square Dance

If you are not a square dancer but are interested in becoming one, consider taking a class. Call 530-872-1962 or email

Square dancing and round dancing are good exercise for the body and the mind. Come out and see what we do.

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Square Dancing

Round Dancing